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Secluded beach on Isla Mujeres

Hacienda Mundaca

One of the most interesting sites on Isla Mujeres is connected to the legend of a famous pirate: Fermin de Mundaca. According to the legend, this fierce pirate fell deeply in love with a local girl and decided to settle on the island. He acquired a huge piece of land and built an impressive hacienda, only to be spurned by his beloved. He is said to have gone mad from grief.


The site where this hacienda formerly stood has been converted into a museum and the extensive grounds hold a small zoo with local fauna.

El Garrafon

This marine park is on the southern tip of the island and it is one of the best sites for snorkeling on Isla Mujeres. There are also zip-lines and fun activities for the entire family.

Golf carts are the preferred mode of transportation on Isla Mujeres.
Isla Mujeres beach shoreline.

Archaeological Remains

The Mayan ruins of a temple dedicated to Ixchel, ancient deity of the moon and the tides, can still be found on the southern tip of Isla Mujeres. While the remains are not particularly noteworthy in terms of size or architecture, the view from the top of the cliffs is positively breathtaking.

Whale Sharks

Every year, from late May to September, hundreds of whale sharks visit the Mexican coasts as a part of their cyclical migration; their gathering site is only an hour away from Isla Mujeres by boat. Whale sharks are considered the largest fish in the world but they are quite gentle and pose no threat to divers and snorkelers. To swim among them is an exhilarating experience

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